About Us

Lilly-Ann of Love Spells 4 Real ©

LoveSpells4Real is really an occult service company that provides ethical, quality and effective metaphysical services on the web.

No matter where you live in the world, Love Spells 4 Real offers you in the privacy of your home:

• Psychic Tarot Readings
• Spell Casting:
– love spells
– break up spells
– marriage spells
– return lover spells
– luck spells
– business spells
– prosperity / money spells
… and so much more!


Lilly-Ann Belen, wife, mother, grandmother, occultist and friend. Knowledgeable in Wicca, Hoodoo, Santeria and Wicca. (founder of Love Spells 4 Real)

Aiden: Master spell caster, Wiccan High Priest (assistant).

Dailia: Master spell caster, psychic, astrologer and Santeria priestess (assistant).

Mother Gray: hoodoo rootworker, 2-headed conjurer, master psychic and astrologer (resident expert!)


We are ethical accurate occultist who provide psychic and occult services online, by email, phone and in person.


We are located in Southern Florida, formerly of New Orleans, LA but moved here after Hurricane Katrina.


Each one of us has a mission to help those who seek spiritual assistance. We are here to help you!