Break Up Spells

Break Up Spells To Separate Couples

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Separate any relationship – including your own using a break up spell!

The simple purpose of a breakup spell is to end the feelings, thoughts, connections, sexual and emotionally intimacy between two people and make them go their “separate way”.

However, there are different “degrees” in separation spells including but not limited to:

  • Easy break up spells where you just want “out” of your own relationship or end some other couple’s relationship – no hassle, fast, pain free.
  • Separate a love rival or homewrecker so you and your beloved could be together (this combines a break up and love spell).
  • Fighting separation spells where you want the couple to fight, be aggressive towards each other and end it quickly – but first FIGHT.
  • Revenge type of break ups where its a slow and painful separation (each person hates the other but is still in the relationship). This is often used when you want to get back at someone and want them miserable for a time before they finally break up completely.

So, as you see from the small sample above, not all break up spells are equal! If you want to end it with your current lover you would not use the same “slow painful ending” spell that you would do for someone you want to get back at!

Be careful about the different free break up spells (see example here) offered online or in books as depending on what you desire – you can cause a lot of problems when you could’ve avoided it all.

For over 22 years I’ve been successfully ending relationships – no matter what the circumstances, situation or goals of my clients.

I invoke very powerful voodoo spirits and even employ cemetary spells to separate the couple (depending on the degree of severity the client wants).

If you are over 18 years old, and understand this is NOT a free break up spell (I cannot cast a free break up spell for you because there are costs, I have to “pay” the spirits with rum, cigars, foods they like or whatever else they require – it ain’t free folks!) – and honestly are seeking a real solution for your break up needs, then please fill out the form below.


Spell Results – How Long Will It Take For The Break Up Spell To Work?

This depends on your particular situation, what you want to happen and what is currently happening right now. That’s why I need you to be honest and discuss it – first. I will give you an estimate based on your circumstances.

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I will look over your information and email you back within 48 hours with advice (based on my over 2 decades of experience) and quote you a price if you desire to cast the spell through me – up front. (No hidden fees, no other fees ever – just one price).

Please note: my spells are NON-REFUNDABLE because I cannot “return” the candles I burned for you, nor the liquor I bought the spirits to cast your spell! But don’t worry, most spells are no more than MAX of $100 – and that’s for really complex spells.)

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