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Have you already tried on your own to cast a love spell (or hired someone else to do it for you) – but it has not produced the desired results?

The problem might be that the spell used was not strong enough.

Love spells work by changing the thoughts and therefore “feelings” someone has for you. Some people haveĀ strong willpower and are not so easily changed.

In this case, you either needĀ stronger love magic to break their will or overcome it – or a spell that will “weaken” that strong willpower so you get your way.

Black Magic

I specialize in black magic (“voodoo love spells”) and this type of spell is both STRONGER than most people’s will power and at the same time WEAKENS their willpower – to make the love spell results happen FASTER than other types of spells! (*in as little as 72 hours in most cases! See more info below)

Warning: Black magic love spells use dark magic forces (spirits of the dead) to do your bidding
– payment is required (to buy them fruits, candles, liquor, etc… which YOU have to pay for).
You will be protected and no harm will come to you or your loved ones. But these are STRONG spirits that get results!

Unlike “white magic” – my spells do not care if the person doesn’t want to be with you (there “free will” IS violated!) – or is currently married! I will summon a spirit to go and DESTROY any other feelings they have for someone and make the person:

  • Completely obsessed with you! They will think of you constantly, even calling other people YOUR name!
  • Make them STOP having sex with anyone else!
  • Cause them to pursue you – even to the point where they humiliate themselves to be with you!

Please only request this type of spell if you are 100% sure you desire the person for the rest of their life! (The spell is not reversible!!!!).

If you are 18, years old or older, and understand this is a permanent love spell cast – and understand the consequences of forcing someone to fall so deeply in love with you they would DIE without you – then proceed to discuss your specific situation and desires by filling out the love spell discussion form below.

This form is NOT to cast a free love spell. There is no such thing (unless you cast it yourself – you can learn how to cast spells for free here!).

All the information you provide is going to be kept 100% confidential, give me up to 48 hours to email you back with my suggestions and cost to cast the love spell.

By the way, I charge under $100 for custom spells, and it is NON-REFUNDABLE so please only ask if you are 100% sure!

As far as you know, are they single or with someone else right now? (required)
SingleWith someone else

Have you cast a love spell in the past to gain the love of this person? (required)

Please look over your answers before continuing. Make sure ALL names are spelled correctly and check your email address for accuracy.

Important Disclosures / Information:

Privacy Policy = Any information you provide is kept 100% confidential and private – only to be used in the spell, so PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH to get the desired results!

72 Hour Results = most cases will see results in as little as 72 hours, however YOUR situation might be complex, different or perhaps there are many obstacles to overcome first. That is why I request information about it BEFORE casting and my email will explain how soon you should see results, costs, etc… upfront!